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On September 7, 2012, Suzanne Labarge announced a remarkable donation of $10M to McMaster University to support research in optimal aging, with a theme of "Mitigating Risk, Maximizing Resilience."

The aim of the Labarge Optimal Aging Initiative is to keep older adults healthy and active for as long as possible. Our initial research focus will be on maintaining mobility, slowing chronic disease and fighting deadly infections as well as developing a resource of information for aging Canadians with the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal.

Along with the Portal, the McMaster/Labarge Optimal Aging Knowledge Translation Enterprise is under development, which includes citizen panels/dialogues, media engagement and other action-oriented supports.

The Portal and KT Enterprise together establish McMaster University as Canada's authoritative voice on optimal aging, which means that we are both the voice for and of those committed to and interested in optimal aging.

The Labarge Optimal Aging Opportunities Fund will provide seed funding to support innovative and interdisciplinary projects that aim to improve the lives of Canadian seniors. McMaster's world-class researchers will be focusing their attention on the aging population with studies that have the potential for immediate impact. Information about the progress of the Initiative is available in our 2017 Annual Report.